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What makes WebPosition different?

WebPosition is completely online, which gives you easy, anytime, anywhere access to run reports and view the results. Unlike other SEO tools, WebPosition lets you sort and filter your results as well as track competitors’ rankings alongside your own, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your SEO strategies.

Does WebPosition offer branded, client-friendly reporting?

Yes, WebPosition Reporter’s White Labeling feature lets you brand reports that will be shared (using Secure Online Sharing) or download to PDF with either your company logo or your client’s logo. Once enabled, the new branding will display on the results each time the report is run.

What are the system requirements for WebPosition?

WebPosition is entirely online and does not require you to download or install software. It will work on almost any computer with an Internet connection, including Mac and PC machines.

For optimum performance, the following web browsers are recommended:

Is using WebPosition Reporter safe for my local IP address?

Yes, WebPosition Reporter runs all report queries for you so that your IP address is completely excluded from the rank checking process. This also ensures that your query results are not personalized and provides a more accurate measurement of your search engine rankings.

Where are my online reports and data stored?

While your subscription is active, your online reports and data are securely stored on WebPosition’s databases and available for you to view at any time. You can also export your historical data to an xml file and download your report views to PDF, both of which can be stored on your local computer or network.

Will my reports and data remain confidential?

Yes, all data and online reports generated by WebPosition Reporter, PageCritic and InLinks are protected with SSL encryption for maximum security. However, you are responsible for the security of your WebPosition account password and any xml and/or PDF files that you export/download from WebPosition to your local computer or network. For more information, please read WebPosition’s Privacy Policy.

Can I provide clients or colleagues access to my white label reports?

You can enable Secure Online Sharing to grant online viewing access to specific white label reports while you maintain exclusive editing, downloading and exporting capabilities. Clients and colleagues will only be able to view the white label reports for which you grant them access. To learn more, click here.

Can I transfer my unused report runs from one month to another month?

No, any report runs that remain unused one month may not be transferred to another month. This includes any Plus-5 Pack report runs that remain unused after the month for which they were purchased.

If I cancel my subscription, will I still have access to my reports?

Monthly subscriptions are pre-paid through the end of the month.

Until the cancellation takes effect, Standard and Premium monthly subscribers will have full use of their subscription. Once the cancellation takes effect, view and export functionality will be available for 180 days, but the subscriber will no longer be able to create, edit or run reports.

When a Unlimited subscription is cancelled, the subscriber is charged for any usage for the current month, and the cancellation takes effect immediately. However, view and export functionality will still be available for 180 days after cancellation.

180 days after cancelling, Standard, Premium and Unlimited subscribers will no longer have access to their online reports. Be aware that subscribers will continue to receive WebPosition emails until they unsubscribe from the WebPosition email list.

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Your Account

How do I reset my password?

Click Sign In at the top of the page, and click “Forgot your password?” Provide your email address in the form displayed, and click Send. An email containing additional instructions will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

Where do I edit the email address and password for my account?

Sign in to your account using your existing credentials and go to your My Account page. There you can modify your email address and password information.

Does Secure Online Sharing grant my client access to modify my reports?

No, your clients will only be able to view the results of the reports for which you specifically grant them access. They will not be able to modify query options, download results to PDF or export data to an XML or CSV file. To learn how to grant client access, click here.

How can I upgrade my subscription?

Sign in to your Dashboard, and click Upgrade. You can also go to the My Account page and click Change Subscription. If you are a Unlimited subscriber, you are already at the highest subscription level and are therefore ineligible to upgrade.

Where can I view my billing history?

Sign in to your account and from the My Account page, click Billing History.

Where can I edit my billing information?

Sign in to your account and from the My Account page, click Billing Info.

Where can I find out how many report runs I have left for this month?

Only Standard and Premium subscribers can view how many report runs they have available for that month.

How can I run more reports this month than my subscription allows?

Standard and Premium subscribers may purchase a Plus-5 Pack for $15.00. The Plus-5 Pack enables you to run up to 5 more reports in each tool for that month, all at your regular Reporter, InLinks and PageCritic quotas. While the additional report runs are available for just that month, you can purchase as many as you need as often as you need.
To learn more, click here.

If you regularly need to purchase a Plus-5 Pack, you may want to consider moving to a usage-based Unlimited subscription, which offers more keywords phrases, search engine flexibility and granular scheduling options.

What is the difference between a “Report” and a “Report Run”, and which affects my monthly Reporter quota?

You can define as many reports as you need, but your subscription package determines the total number of times you can run that report.

If my subscription package allows me “X” number of Reporter report runs per month, is that for each report?

No, you could run one report multiple times OR multiple reports once each. It is the total number of report runs that counts towards your monthly allotment. If you are a Standard subscriber who is allotted only 10 report runs a month and you create 15 individual reports, you can still run only a total of 10 report runs each month.

I have a report scheduled to run on the 31st, but this month has fewer than 31 days. When will my report run?

Reports scheduled for the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month will be run on the closest preceding day during shorter months.

What is a VAT Registration Number?

A VAT Registration Number is for our European Union customers only. If you are an EU customer and you have a VAT Registration Number, you can enter it in your billing information to ensure that you are not charged VAT.

To learn more about VAT, click here.

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How does the subscription-based pricing work?

Instead of purchasing software to download, users choose a subscription package that gives them access to the all new, online WebPosition Reporter, which ensures constant access to the most current version without downloading software updates.

The Standard and Premium subscription includes a monthly quota of report runs, keyword phrases and search engines queried. To see the complete list of available subscription packages and what they include, click here.

How is the usage rate for the Unlimited subscription calculated?

Simply put, the more keywords, search engines and the depth of search engine results pages (SERPs) checked per report run, the greater that report run will cost.

For example, if a report checks the ranking of 100 keywords on 3 search engines and 3 pages of search results for each:

100 keywords x 3 search engines x 3 pages = 900 total pages checked each time the report is run
900 pages x $0.0015 = $1.35
If I’m not ready to subscribe, is there a trial version available?

You can register for the fully featured, FREE 30-Day Trial, which offers you 5 report runs. Each report queries up to 2 search engines, 10 keyword phrases and 3 results pages per search engine queried. For a complete list of subscriptions and what they include, click here.

What are the keyword, URL and search engine quotas included in the Plus-5 Pack?

The same quotas as in your regular Standard or Premium subscription apply to a purchased Plus-5 Pack. Purchasing a Plus-5 Pack does not impact your regular subscription and is only available for the month of purchase.

What currency are the prices listed in?

All listed prices are in U.S. dollars.

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How can I upgrade from WebPosition 3, WebPosition 4 or WebPosition Gold?

WebPosition Reporter is a brand-new, all online web-based tool instead of a new software package to upgrade. However, once you have an active subscription, you can import your existing WebPosition 4 Reporter mission history. To learn more, click here.

Does the new WebPosition include Page Critic and other features found in older versions?

WebPosition now includes Page Critic and a new feature, InLinks, that includes some of the functionality once found in Link Defender. Select features found in WebPosition 3, WebPosition 4 and WebPosition Gold are currently in development and will soon be available to run alongside the new, online WebPosition Reporter.

Can I import my existing missions to my new online account?

Yes, you can import existing WebPosition 4 Reporter mission history when you create a new report in WebPosition Reporter. Simply log in to your account and click Add Report to get started. To learn more, click here.

Will all of my WebPosition 4 Reporter mission history be imported to the new online report?

There are no limits on the number of keywords, URLs or data ranges that you can import. However, only rankings of 100 or higher will be included, and the availability of supported search engines has been updated.

When scheduling your new online report to run, keep in mind that your subscription level may place limitations on these parameters. If you are importing large reports and want to run them, it is highly recommended that you register for a Unlimited subscription. To learn more, click here.

Will importing my WebPosition 4 Reporter mission history automatically schedule it to run?

No, some of the query settings such as search engines have been updated. Once the import is complete, it is highly recommended that you open your new online report and verify its settings, including its search engines, scheduling, title, etc.

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Using WebPosition

Where can I find out more about scheduling reports and using filters?

Sign in to your account, and visit the WebPosition How To page for more information on running customizable reports and other user-friendly features.

Does Keyword Phrase list in Reporter automatically associate my website with those keywords?

No, the Keyword Phrase field simply lists the keyword phrases for which you want to see how your website ranks. This field does not instruct search engines to associate your website with these keywords; it only reports on how often your URLs surface when users enter these phrases into a search engine.

How many countries and regions does WebPosition Reporter support?

WebPosition supports search engines in more than 400 countries and regions, plus many of their variants that allow end users to restrict results by country or language.

Why are some Reporter scheduling options not available to me?
If a report is deleted, can it be restored?

Unfortunately, once a report is deleted, it cannot be restored nor can its schedule and historical data be retrieved.

Where can I see which scheduled reports are coming up?

Sign in to your account to access your Dashboard and select Reporter. On the right is the Upcoming Reports section, which lists the reports next scheduled to run and when. You can also click the Next Run column header to sort the table by which reports are next scheduled to run.

How can I get email notifications when my reports are ready for viewing?
  1. From your Dashboard, click the report for which you want to receive email notifications.
  2. In the Details section on the right side, click Edit.
  3. Scroll down to Notifications and select “Send me email once this report has run.”
  4. Click Save.
Can I view my competitors?

Yes, WebPosition Reporter’s Competitor Identification and Tracking feature identifies your top competitors so you can track their rankings right alongside your own. To learn more about using this feature, log in to your account and visit the Track Competitors section of the How To.

Why do some of my international keywords display incorrectly?

If you are tracking a keyword in one language on a search engine of another language, double byte characters may not register properly, especially if you have customized your browser’s encoding (language) settings.

In most browsers, using the default encoding settings such as Unicode (UTF-8) will usually correct the problem.

How do I download a report?

The options to export your historical data to xml and/or download a PDF of the current report view are located at the bottom of each report page. To learn more, sign in to your account and visit the WebPosition How To page.

Can I run more than one report at a time?

Yes, because WebPosition Reporter is entirely web-based, you can run multiple reports at the same time without impacting your computer’s processing capabilities.

How long will it take for my report to run?

The time it takes for a report to run can range from minutes to hours depending on the size of the report, including (but not limited to) the number of:

How do I add a new logo to a report?

Sign in to your account to access your Dashboard and click the report that you want to share. Once you are viewing the report overview:

NOTE: the logo will only be visible when the report is shared using Secure Online Sharing or downloaded to PDF.

How do I enable Secure Online Sharing?

Sign in to your account to access your Dashboard and click the report that you want to share. Once you are viewing the report overview:

Once client access has been enabled, share the resulting URL and, via a separate email or phone call, the newly created password.

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