About Us

WebPosition develops online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that enable businesses and agencies of all sizes to get the competitive insight they need to focus and measure their ongoing SEO strategies.

Based just outside Seattle, WebPosition has been the pioneer in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software since the launch of the original WebPosition Gold in 1997. Now, after more than a decade of developing industry-leading SEO software, WebPosition has moved completely online so you can run reports and check results anytime, anywhere.

Online, Anytime

PageCritic: Competitive Keyword Optimization

Find out how well a webpage is optimized for a specific keyword and how it compares to its real-world competition.
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InLinks: Inbound Link Analysis

Analyze any domain’s external and internal link structure to verify that the right pages link to the correct destinations using the anchor text you want. Learn more

Reporter: Online Rank Tracking

Track your search engine rankings alongside your competitors’ rankings over time for greater insight into the effectiveness of your ongoing SEO efforts. Learn more