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WebPosition offers four membership bundles, with varying levels of access to all of our SEO tools.

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Maximum report runs/month 5 10 25 20,000
Maximum keywords checked per report 10 50 75 500
Maximum search engine versions checked per report 2 5 5 10
Maximum search engine results checked per query 30 50 50 100
Report scheduling options Ad-hoc only Ad-hoc, Monthly Ad-hoc, Monthly Ad-hoc, Monthly,
Weekly, Daily
Select from over 350 international search engine versions Included Included Included Included
Competitor identification and tracking Included Included Included Included
Maximum critiques/month 5 10 25 20,000
Analyze live or unpublished web pages Included Included Included Included
Custom Top Findings for each page/keyword combination Included Included Included Included
Maximum reports/month 5 10 25 20,000
Maximum link details per report 100 250 500 1,000
Focus analysis on external backlinks or internal link structure Included Included Included Included
Features in all three tools
White label reports with your own logo
(remove WebPosition references)
Included Included Included Included
Secure online report sharing Included Included Included Included
Data download to CSV Included Included Included Included

Monthly Usage for Unlimited Memberships

Unlimited Membership accounts are billed once a month for the base fee plus the total PageCritic, InLinks and Reporter usage during that month. Your billing history is completely itemized to make client billing easier.

Reporter: Calculating Usage

Reporter usage is calculated based on the total number of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) checked, each with 10 results. For example, if one report checks the rank of 100 keywords on 3 search engines and checks the top 30 search engine results, then each time that report is run it would cost:

100 keywords x 3 search engines x 3 SERPs = 900 SERPs
900 SERPs x $0.0015 = $1.35
In the Billing History details, each report run is listed by date with the name of the report, the number of SERPs checked, and the cost of that report run.

PageCritic : Calculating Usage

Page Critic usage is simple - the per critique charge is a measly $0.75. Way better than the time spent analyzing the top 20 pages for a keyword and comparing each one to your page!

InLinks: Calculating Usage

InLinks usage calculated only on the links you actually receive detailed data about. So if you have a domain that only returns details for 100 links, that's all you'll pay for - a whopping $0.15.

Need an extra report or two?

The Plus-5 Pack lets Standard and Premium Pack members run up to 5 additional reports for that month, all at their regular PageCritic, InLinks and Reporter quotas. Without changing your original membership, the Plus-5 Pack is ideal for those months when you just need a few extra reports.

All prices are in U.S. dollars
* There is a limit of 20,000/month of each report type for Unlimited customers, but no-one's come close to using it up. Will you be the first?

Rates for Unlimited

Base Rate $29.00/month
Reporter Usage @ $1.50/1,000 SERPs
PageCritic Usage @ $0.75/critique
InLinks Usage @ $1.50/1,000 links

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