Critique & compare your keyword optimization

WebPosition® PageCritic

Make decisions based on real information. Measure how well your webpage is optimized for any chosen keyword phrase, and see how it compares to its actual, real-world competition.

On-page SEO at it's finest

Detailed Keyword SEO Analysis

See how effectively a chosen keyword phrase is incorporated within a page's body text, URL, title, headings and more so you can identify key opportunities to improve your on-page keyword SEO.

Keyword Competitor Comparison

PageCritic identifies and critiques your webpage's top competing pages for that keyword and displays their results alongside your own so you can pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

Pre-Publication Critique

Evaluate a webpage before you publish it. Upload the local htm or html file for the same in-depth analysis, including a side-by-side comparison with the top competitors that the page will have once it goes live.

Prioritized Recommendations

PageCritic identifies key areas for improvement and prioritizes its recommendations based on your biggest performance gaps and their importance to your search rankings.

White Label Reportings

Brand a report with your company or client's logo for downloading to PDF to share with clients and colleagues. Upload and apply the logo once and that report's new branding will already be in place each time the critique is run.

Downloadable & Exportable

Download reports to PDF for sharing with clients, colleagues and supervisors. Export data to XML or CSV files to use in spreadsheets or add to your records.

How PageCritic works

1. Specify the page and the keyword

Provide the URL or upload local file of the webpage you want critiqued, and enter the desired keyword or search phrase.

2. Let the analysis begin

To find how well that webpage is optimized for that keyword, PageCritic critiques multiple parts of the page to determine:

  • If the keyword is present
  • How close together or far apart each keyword is
  • If the words in a search phrase are used in order
  • If the keywords are used in important parts of the page

3. Check out the competition

PageCritic identifies your page's top 20 competing pages for that keyword, performs the same in-depth analysis on each and displays your results side-by-side with the results from your 5 highest-ranking competitors.

4. Get prioritized recommendations

PageCritic highlights the most important areas for improvement and provides prioritized recommendations based on:

  • How much impact to the search ranking that part of the page has
  • How big the performance gap is between your page and its competitors


PageCritic Keyword Optimization Comparison