WebPosition: All New, All Online

If you’re already using WebPosition® 3, WebPosition® 4, WebPosition® Gold or WebPosition® Pro, you know the importance of tracking search rankings and keyword performance. Now get fast, easy, online access to your search ranking data anytime you need from anywhere you are with the new web-based WebPosition® Reporter.
No Installations. No Downloads. No Updates.

Easy Online Reporting

Reporter does the heavy lifting for you so you can run even the bulkiest reports with ease. Run multiple reports at the same time and schedule reports to run automatically each day, week or month. Email notifications let you know when your reports are ready.

International Support

Full support for double-byte characters and more than 400 international search engine variants, including their unique end-user filters and controls that restrict results by county and language, let you monitor your keyword performance across more than 120 countries and regions.

White Label Reports

Make the professional presentation you want. White Labeling lets you upload your logo and have a client-ready report that you can download to PDF or securely share online. Brand a report once, and it will retain its new logo each time it updates the data.

Secure Client Access

Share data without sharing administrative rights. Secure Online Sharing lets you grant clients and colleagues full online viewing access to specific white label reports while you maintain exclusive editing, downloading and exporting capabilities. Enable or disable client access for that report at any time.

Easy-to-Read Overview

Hit the highlights with a single glance. Your high-level summary displays the biggest changes in search rankings and keyword performance so you can quickly see exactly where you gained or lost position and spot other trends in your data.

Filtering and Sorting

Focus on the data that’s most important to you. Filtering and sorting capabilities give you greater precision to find the data you want. Examine specific keywords and URLs to see how they rank on each particular search engine.

Download Your Data

Export historical data to XML or CSV to add to your data records or crunch the numbers in your spreadsheets. Download your report summaries as white labeled PDFs to share with clients, team members and supervisors to validate your SEO efforts.

Import WebPosition 4 Missions

Making the move is easy! Import existing WebPosition 4 missions to the new web-based Reporter, and your report history will be displayed in full. Keep important, existing data and free up your computer’s storage capacity.

Looking for Page Critic or another favorite WP4 feature?

WebPosition now includes Page Critic and a new feature, InLinks, that includes some of the functionality once found in Link Defender. Select features found in WebPosition 3, WebPosition 4 and WebPosition Gold are currently in development and will soon be available to run alongside the new, online WebPosition Reporter.

WebPosition 4 Support Notice

To provide you with time to make a smooth transition to the all new, all online service, support for WebPosition 4 Reporter was continued through September 30, 2010, after which all support and updates have been discontinued.

You can easily move your WP4 missions to the new online WebPosition Reporter. Once your new online account is created, the online How To will provide step-by-step instructions on: