Analyze the inbound links of any website

WebPosition® InLinks

Know who's linking to you, how they're doing it and with what anchor text. Verify that link traffic is being directed correctly as you diagnose critical issues and identify opportunities to focus your link building efforts.

Off-page SEO with fresh insights

Inbound Links Overview

Get a top-level view of key metrics that shape the domain's link popularity score, including Domain Authority, total number of backlinks and most-used anchor text terms.

Targeted Inbound Link Reporting

Filter the report to focus on internal links to assess structure, externally-originating backlinks, or choose to gather data on all inbound links for that domain so you can get the big picture.

Broken Link Identification

Identify which links result in 302 redirects or HTTP 404 and HTTP 500 errors so that you can address critical issues and ultimately increase traffic through those links.

Webpage Viewing

Follow any link to view its source page. Evaluate external linking domains for the potential to build organic reciprocal links, and analyze how effectively your site refers to its own content.

Follow Friendly URLs

See which links are follow friendly and adding to your search engine ranking. Determine where to focus your efforts and which critical issues take priority.

Domain Authority

Know where your most powerful links originate. View each linking site's Domain Authority and determine where to focus your attention.

Anchor Text Detailing

Evaluate anchor text terms to address domain name and destination description errors. And, look for opportunities to boost your keyword optimization.

How InLinks works

WebPosition InLinks is an inbound link analysis tool that serves up in-depth data on which pages are linking to yours, exactly how they're doing it and with what anchor text terms so you can evaluate inbound links in their full context. Quickly and easily diagnose critical issues as you look for opportunities to focus link building efforts and boost keyword optimization.

1. Specify the site and type of links

Enter the root domain of the site you want analyzed. Set the report to include all inbound links for that domain, or choose between internal links or external links only.

2. Let the analysis begin

InLinks uses SEOmoz's Linkscape™ API to gather detailed information about the top 1,000 inbound links for that root domain, including:

  • Where each link originates
  • Each link's destination
  • The exact anchor text terms for each link
  • Whether or not that inbound link is follow friendly
  • The linking website's Domain Authority

3. Get the insight you need

Examine the InLinks analysis and identify key opportunities to:

  • Build relevant, organic and potentially valuable reciprocal links
  • Address broken links, incorrect redirects and other critical issues
  • Boost your keyword optimization in relationship to your top anchor text terms
Each time the report is run, InLinks stores the data it gathers so that you can look for changes and updates over time as you continue to focus your link building efforts. And, because Linkscape updates its index each month, you're sure to get the most up-to-date metrics available each time.